THE A TEAM 1983 Soldiers of Fortune

THE A TEAM Soldiers of Fortune 3.75″ Action Figures Galoob 1983

Hannibal… BA… Face and Murdock! It’s like the band’s got back together man. The amazing Soldiers of Fortune action figure set No 8456 were available from our eBay listings and the photo is now available on a large range of items at RedBubble 

Top Ten finds 2015

THE A TEAM 1983 Soldiers of Fortune

.THE A TEAM 1983 Soldiers of Fortune

Looking pretty much exactly as they did back in the day! Brash, bright, bold and somewhat unbelievable. Violence on the Big screen and TV has come a long way since the A-Team

Mint on card set of 3.75 inch tall action figures with their weapon kits. A rare un-punched card in excellent condition

The a-Team should really be called THE-Team – 55 fantastic items at including t-shirts, mugs, cushions and even a blooming duvet cover

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A-Team THE-Team

Although this vintage action gang cannot currently be found on eBay we do have many other cool Sci Fi, TV, movie, vintage and fun collectables on our ZapWow listings (or contact us to buy any item listed from us directly or make an offer)

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