Ice Quest: Wild Arctic

ICE QUEST WILD ARCTIC Polar Mission Chap Mei Play Set 2000s

Ice Quest: Wild Arctic was from a short lived Chap Mei Arctic adventure line (around 2005) that really captured the arctic exploration feel with it’s prehistoric predators and fearless explorers. Currently available from our eBay listings
Ice Quest: Wild Arctic

Ice Quest: Wild Arctic

Ice Quest: Wild Arctic

Ice Quest: Wild Arctic

With this ultra cool arctic set you can play like the ice was still there!
Lots of excellent items included:

  • An Arctic explorer and all his survival accessories
  • An arctic base tent
  • The fantastic Smilodon… it’s as if it lunged straight out of prehistory. Light brown fur with black stripes, wild primeval eyes and great detail. Has a button on its back to make the jaw move and the right arm to raise for striking at prey!

Lots more about Ice Quest Wild Arctic at Chapmei-Universe

This is a perfect unopened sealed box of Arctic fun in mint condition with only minor storage wear. Already 10 years old produced by Chap Mei in 2005

Many classic and fun items also available from ZapWow on eBay

Also see our sister site Zap2 with items for the younger toy connoisseur as well as other vintage classic items


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