Top Ten Toy Super Finds for 2015

In 2015 we have been exceptionally lucky in finding some out of this world, rare and even museum quality items for our own collection and to sell on our eBay channels ZapWow and Zap2. It’s been very hard to choose from so many fun, vintage, cool and/or iconic items but we had a go…

Firstly a few special and awesome things that did not quite make the final cut

And now our Top Ten Coolest finds of 2015!

10: The Fonz Action Figure and Motorcycle 1976 sold

Top Ten finds 2015
AAAYYYYYYY! IT’S THE OFFICIAL 8 inch (20cm) Fonzie action figure and his stunning battery operated motorcycle with “twist-out” action both from Mego Corp 1976. He even has a “thumbs up” action operated with a lever on his back. Bike originally came without the Fonzie figure but we got them back together for old time’s sake

9: Mike Zoom Power Arm Racing Bike Set 1975 sold

Top Ten finds 2015
A 100% complete, boxed, unused example of the awesome Powerarm with Mike Zoom and his Speedbike toy racing bike set produced by Palitoy way back in 1975

8: Star Trek Voyager 1995 sold

Top Ten finds 2015
Classic Star Trek USS VOYAGER Starship NCC-74656 with built in sound and light speed – Playmates 1995 Model 6479

7: Davy Crockett Western Target Set 1950s available

Top Ten finds 2015
Davy Crockett Indian Target Set Game. Absolutely awesome mid 1950s target set by Keystone Wood Toys of Boston, MA USA. In the 1950s toys were predominantly about war, space or cowboys. This is the best and largest of various sized western themed shooting ranges

6: Dan Dare Walkie Talkie Set 1950s sold

Top Ten finds 2015
Merit Dan Dare 2 Way Walkie-Talkie boxed set historic 1950s space comms unit comprises of two red walkie talkie units with retractable aerials. Not bad for communications with Venus or Mars but a bit tricky if you want to talk to Uranus

5: Starblazer Space Explorer Kit 1982 availableTop Ten finds 2015

Unusual vintage Electronic Space Explorer Kit with Top Security Activator Key Cards. Unopened factory sealed contents from 1982. The Top Security Micro-Key Cards activate a wide range of exciting equipment for today’s modern space explorer. StarBlaZer range produced by Thomas Salter Scotland

4: Super Flight Deck 1975 soldTop Ten finds 2015

Super Flight Deck is a super cool 1975 Phantom Navy Jet Aeroplane launch and landing game from Airfix. From way back in the day it’s a Navy Phantom jet fighter under your complete control. Play outside or inside and set up flights of 12 to 40 feet!

3: Street Hawk Hyperthrust Motorcycle 1984 sold

Top Ten finds 2015
Remember Street Hawk from only one series in 1985? Wow, you have a great memory. Here’s Jesse Mach’s unforgettable Hyperthrust Honda motorcycle from Kenner made in 1984. This is a stunning mint in box example of the ultra cool ultra rare Street Hawk speed motorcycle with Jesse Mach action figure that “even does wheelies!” (the bike, not Jesse)

2: BRONTO Warriors of Kerang Battle Machine 1991 available

Top Ten finds 2015
The massive Warriors of Kerang Bronto made in Great Britain in 1991 by Bluebird Toys. The Bronto is Hexon’s mighty battle machine – the ultimate weapon against the evil Brox and his vile plot to destroy the Earth

1: Blade Runner PKD Blaster M2019 1980s available

Top Ten finds 2015
Blade Runner’s PKD M2019! Excellent original resin model kit of the awesome Blaster. Made in Japan 1980s Blade Runner Blaster prop replica resin model kit comes with helpful original Japanese instruction sheet

Some of these items are still available so if you’re interested pop over and have a look at our ZapWow listings. Do come by and say hi on twitter @ZapWow or follow us on this blog ZapWowHQ. For more great items see our Zap2 listings

Wishing you a very happy New Year for 2016 and may all the surprises it brings be delights!


Oooouuu, oooouuu… We are together… #snowtubing #BionicSix #CyberCrimbo Day 19

@ZapWow on twitter are showing something we are clearly going to see a lot more of as cyborgs and robots continue to advance and take over the planet… meanwhile  although tonight the streets are ours, tomorrow belongs to robosuperior and also actually happens to be the last day of posting before Christmas… so if you want any of our excellent items please do not hesitate… Last orders please!

Oooouuu, oooouuu... We are together... #snowtubing #BionicSix #CyberCrimbo Day 19

Oooouuu, oooouuu... We are together... #snowtubing #BionicSix #CyberCrimbo Day 19

Oooouuu, oooouuu... We are together... #snowtubing #BionicSix #CyberCrimbo Day 19

One new addition to the party every day until Xmas. Follow us @ZapWow and join in the Christmas quiz

#CyberCrimbo Day 15 K9 clears the pack and heads for the finishing line

We still have many cool, unusual and some unique gifts that can still reach you by Christmas on ZapWow and Zap2 on eBay

Day 15 of the Cyber Christmas over @ZapWow on twitter. K9 clears the pack and heads for the finishing line

#CyberCrimbo Day 15

#CyberCrimbo Day 15

Yes those crazy cyborgs and robots are partying hard with a new arrival everyday until xmas.


@ZapWow #CyberCrimbo our annual robot party in spaaaace

Over @ZapWow on twitter the festivities have started early (as usual) so here’s a quick roundup of the #CyberCrimbo story so far.  It all started with a lone robotic figure trekking through a bleak Xmas landscape

Day 1 of #CyberCrimbo our annual robot party in spaaaace
Welcome to day 1 of #CyberCrimbo our annual robot party in spaaaace 🙂 24 robots in 24 days #christmascountdown

Day 2 #CyberCrimbo "Hello Sweetie"

#CyberCrimbo Day 2 “Hello Sweetie”

Day 3 Guess who couldn't wait to get the party started ;-D #Cybercrimbo
Guess who couldn’t wait to get the party started ;-D #Cybercrimbo Day 3
Day 4 Course set for party central
Course set for party central: all aboard and stand by for Christmas 🙂 #CyberCrimbo Day 4

Clearly a heavily Doctor Who orientated theme at the moment… but as with any party you just never know who’s gonna turn up… or where you’re gonna end up…

Lots of Christmas bargains still available from our eBay listings along with lots of other cool Sci Fi, TV, movie, vintage & classic fun and collectable items on ZapWow and Zap2