TOMY 1969 Space Climbing Mobile

That Old Broken Toy (1969 Space Climber)

We decided shortly after starting our eBay channels that we would not sell broken or damaged items. However some things seem so cool and special that even randomly made up rules do not seem to apply… so if you were to browse through our ZapWow listings on eBay you would soon come across THAT broken toy

It’s the outstanding TOMY Space Climbing Mobile and it was released in the same year that humans actually played snowballs on the Moon!

TOMY 1969 Space Climbing Mobile

TOMY 1969 Space Climbing Mobile

TOMY 1969 Space Climbing Mobile

TOMY 1969 Space Climbing Mobile

TOMY 1969 Space Climbing MobileTOMY 1969 Space Climbing Mobile

This vintage Space Climbing Mobile is from 1969… a time when although the TV picture was only in black and white we could actually send men to the Moon

It’s a futuristic looking vehicle molded in colourful red, white, blue and yellow plastics with a lonely silver astronaut visible behind the large clear windshield

The awesome space mobile measures 10 inches long x 5.75″ wide x 6.75″ tall. It has eight rugged rubber tires in 2 groups of 4 for separate extreme terrain suspension. Has a heavy metal red substructure housing the motor and wheels

This Moon rover is in wonderful visual condition but unfortunately it does not actually roll over rocks or climb, or even go. Around 40 years ago somebody forgot it was a battery powered toy… and hid it in a box in the attic… and the rest, as they say, is acid damaged contacts and wiring

It is a beautiful thing though and although it has its flaws it would not be an impossible job for a space technician to replace the motor, wires and contacts to get this mighty moon rover rolling again

This Space Climbing Mobile and lots of other cool Sci Fi, TV, movie, vintage & classic fun and collectable items on ZapWow and Zap2

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