Archimedes A400/1 Acorn Computers Games Vintage 1989

ARCHIMEDES A400/1 Acorn Computer… but is this a Toy?

If you agree that people play games with toys… then surely we can claim this stone age Acorn as a wonderful old toy?  Excellent fully working Archimedes computer from way back when. Includes crazy old games like PacMan and Mad Professor. This vintage technology comes with monitor, keyboard and mouse! Originates from 1987/1989 and runs all sorts of games on the RISC OS 3 1992 operating system

Archimedes A400/1 Acorn Computers Games Vintage 1989

Many vintage games

ARCHIMEDES A400/1 Acorn Computer

From a lifetime ago

Archimedes A400/1 Acorn Computers Games Vintage 1989

In a box

Archimedes A400/1 Acorn Computers Games Vintage 1989

A scruffy old box

Hard disk contains a whole range of games, apps and other programs

Games include:
  • Tetris
  • PacMania
  • Mad Professor
  • Twinworld
  • PipeMania
and many others, around 40 in total (many full games, some demos)
Painting and graphics including:
  • Revelations Pro
  • Revelations Xtra
  • Draw Plus
  • Font TX
  • A range of clip art on many themes
Also has loaded:
  • Impressions (DTP/word processing)
  • A long outdated virus killer caller “Killer”
  • A folder named “JUNK” containing some bloody joke program that freezes the computer if access is attempted. I can’t seem to remove this but left alone it causes no problem at all (and someone knowledgeable could probably sort it out)
Further technical info can be found in the Acorn A400/1 official manual and on Wikipedia
Condition report
Ok it’s yellowing slightly, a little bit grubby and pretty bulky but hey… you try turning on your laptop in 25 years time! The whole set up still boots right up and ticks over really well even after all these years. Monitor also works perfectly well
Slight age discolouration to casing, monitor, keyboard and mouse. A few superficial odd surface marks. Computer, keyboard and mouse along with all necessary wiring come in original (slightly storage worn) box complete with internal packaging
This excellent vintage Acorn can be found along with lots of other cool Sci Fi, TV, movie, vintage & classic fun and collectable items on ZapWow and Zap2
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