Top 10 Toys 2015

Baddies, Aliens & Robots: Top Ten Toys in May

Our eBay listings regularly get lots of views and May has been no exception. Just for fun here’s a quick look at some the things getting most visits including some evil baddies, unstoppable aliens & quirky robots

With top views it’s a SIX Action Man BADDIES bundle including X-Bot with spring off face, shoulder and chest; Dr.X with green arm, black hoodie, trousers and boots; Dr.X with bionic arm, mauve t-shirt, trousers and boots; Dr X’s pet shark; No Face with coat & Action Man face disguise and lastly Professor Gangrene with trousers with boots

ANGELA ANGEL A massive 13 inch (33 cms) mint in box ANGELA from Todd McFarlane Toys 1996

ANGELA ANGEL 13'' Action Figure 1990s McFarlane

Awesome original BATMAN RETURNS cardboard cinema standee over 3 feet (one meter) tall. A hard-to-find promotional display from the excellent 1992 movie

BATMAN RETURNS STANDEE 1992 Movie Cardboard Film Cutout

An old futuristic favourite: GENDER BENDER from 2001. The official Futurama tin wind up 8″ Robot

GENDER BENDER 2001 Official Futurama Tin Wind Up 8" Robot

We all know Bender is a bit of a wind-up merchant and here he is again with an incredibly shiny, shiny metal arse. BRIGHT N’ SHINY BENDER 2001 Official Futurama tin wind up toyBRIGHT N' SHINY BENDER 2001 Official Futurama Tin Wind Up

SMALL SOLDIERS ARCHER 1998 Gorgonite Commando Elite. A highly detailed Kenner action figure around 7 inches (18 cm) tall, produced in 1998

SMALL SOLDIERS ARCHER 1998 Gorgonite Commando Elite

THREE Johnny Lightning 1:64 scale BATMAN MODEL KITS from 2002. 1940s and 1960s Batmobiles and a fab 1960s Batboat

3 BATMAN MODEL KITS 2002 Boat Batmobile Car 1:64 scale

SHREK SWAMP BATH set with a 3″ action figure from McFarlane Toys 2001. Complete and mint in box

SHREK 2001 SWAMP BATH Set 3" Action Figure McFarlane Toys

I’m not convinced that this next item existed in any actual movie but here’s an imaginative take on the ALIENS theme… the awesome BULL ALIEN. A six inch action figure from the 1990s by Kenner

ALIENS BULL ALIEN 6" 1990s Kenner Action Figure Movie

A wonderful SUBMARINE WWII SEA BATTLES action board game from way back in the 1970s. This is a used game but it’s been loved and cared for


All these fun toys can be found with lots of other cool Sci Fi, TV, movie, vintage & classic and collectable items on ZapWow and Zap2

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