Christmas 2016 Collection

Lovely Toys & Gifts for a Vintage Christmas 2016

Of course you’ve probably finished your Christmas shopping by now but if you’re still looking for that special something for a special someone have a look at our ZapWow listings on eBay. We have many old, new and generally fabulous toys from films, TV, science fiction, horror and just plain old fun vintage items to make Xmas 2016 especially memorable. Here are just a few …

s-l1600 (42)
2004 DRACULA Christopher Lee Product Enterprise 1:6 Action Figure Hammer Films

“Hear them…the children of the night. What music they make…”

Absolutely fabulous one sixth scale 12 inch (30 cm) action figure of Count Dracula by Product Enterprise limited to 3,500 pieces

Dalek Money Bank
2004 DALEK 8″ MONEY BANK Wesco Doctor Who Boxed

This stunning bronze dark gold Dalek protects your money and will kill to do so! It’s a cold, heartless and fabulous 8 inch (20 cm) Dalek money box made by Wesco

Dead Man's Chest
2006 POTC DEAD MAN’S CHEST PLAYSET MEGA BLOKS NEW Pirates Of The Caribbean 1016 Disney

Excellent mint 150 Piece Play Set from 2006 based on the Pirates of the Caribbean Disney films. Sealed, unopened collector’s item with only minor storage wear to the box  

2000 FRANKENSTEIN Karloff 1:6 Action Figure Sideshow Universal Horror Monster

“Look! It’s moving. It’s alive. It’s alive, IT’S ALIVE!” It’s 200 years since Mary Shelley wrote those classic words and he’s still one of the world’s best loved monsters. Fabulous 1/6th scale 12 inch (30 cm) action figure of Frankenstein’s incredible monster from Sideshow Toys classic Universal Studios Monsters figure series  

DAN DARE PLANET GUN 1950s Vintage Space Fleet Merit Randall Boxed ENGLAND
1950s DAN DARE PLANET GUN Vintage Space Fleet Merit Randall Boxed Sci Fi ENGLAND

The amazing original vintage 1950s issue of the Dan Dare Planet Gun. Awesome real plastic space gun with three spinners in its original box

Sonic Space Laser
1970s SONIC SPACE LASER CRESCENT 20″ Toy Gun Rifle Boxed Mint Light Sound UK

Excellent large blue plastic battery operated Sonic Space Laser rifle/pistol in original box. This awesome fully functioning vintage space weapon appears in mint condition. Comes in original very colourful box with excellent space art

1969 APOLLO SUPER SPACE CAPSULE Tin Toy NASA Ship Horikawa Vintage Japan

 Just as humans were taking their first steps on another planetary body Japan produced this excellent litho printed space capsule made by SH Horikawa that first appears listed new in the 1969 Horikawa catalogue

Lunar Landscape
1980s LUNAR LANDSCAPE Vintage Paint & Play Space Scenery Star Wars Dekker Toys

Totally awesome vintage DekkerToys Lunar Landscape paint and play Space Scenery for Star Wars figures. Vintage space toy designed to be painted with acrylic paints to make a huge display area of 24 x 33 inch (61 x 83 cm) for space toys and figures

Superman Playset
1973 SUPERMAN PLAY SET Ideal #8654-6 DC Comics Vintage

Excellent bright and colourful vintage Superman Play Set from way back when in 1973. Opens out to show The Daily Planet, Superman’s Fortress of Solitude and a “Hideout”

Potato Head
1960s MR POTATO HEAD & EGG Toy Boxed AA Gaffney

This lovely vintage item was produced in the 1960s by AA Gaffney & Sons before Peter Pan took over the production licence in the early 1970s. Use the plastic potato or egg head or even real potatoes or fruit to “make the funniest happiest, strangest nicest creatures”

These Christmassy  offerings can currently be found with many other cool Sci Fi, TV, movie, vintage and fun collectables on ZapWow Zap2 and now ZapFab

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