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Pre-Transformers MC-10 CASSETTE MAN Robot 1983 Takara

OMG! It’s only Cassette Man… a super powerful autonomous AI robot who can disguise itself as a mini micro cassette player! Really! This is the excellent pre-Transformers MC-10 who later became the historic Decepticon Soundwave. Rare and unusual item that Hasbro ripped the whole Transformers idea from


One of the most advanced personal sound systems on the planet

MC-10 CASSETTE MAN 1983 Robot Microman Micro Change Takara

With lots of shiny pieces

MC-10 CASSETTE MAN 1983 Robot Microman Micro Change Takara

Stickers, guns and wires10

And a cunning disguise

MC-10 CASSETTE MAN 1983 Robot Microman Micro Change Takara

How can a head-phone stereo become a robot!!

  • Mini Change Series
  • Micro Change Robot
  • MC-10 Cassette Man with all parts and accessories
  • Taiwan Takara c.1983

MicroForever! says:

Takara released MC-10 as part of the New Microman Micro Change Series in 1983. Micro Change were a series of Microman robots and vehicles that can disguise themselves as ordinary household items. In the case of MC-10 he was a Micro Change Robot disguised as a “Walkman” style portable cassette player. It came with clear plate that can be opened so the Micro Change Mini-Cassette can be placed inside

Cassette Man was the second largest robot in the Micro Change series that were released by Takara. It was also probably the most recognizable one next to the MC-13 UNCLE Gun Robo since this toy would eventually became one of the more popular Transformer toy – the Decepticon: Soundwave. (MC-13 became the infamous Megatron) The Deception symbol was base on Soundwave head. Soundwave version of the toy has “Cassette Man” and the “MC-10” designation removed from the chest

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